Nihilo Coin - 3rd Generation Cryptocurrency

Nihilo Coin is an open source virtual unit of account, processed via publicly accessible, Mine-able, Blockchain system for instantaneuous processing of peer-to-peer cashless payment transactions.

What is Nihilo

Nihilo Coin is an non-monetary cryptographic medium of economic exchange that is designed for market participants who wish to settle their financial claims via alternative means of payment. Nihilo Coin is non-monetary store of value that is processed via PoS Blockchain algorithms. Nihilo is a disintermediated direct payment service with no middle-man payment service providers. Nihilo Coin is processed autonomously without middle-man payment system operators. Nihilo Coin provides for 24/365 multilateral real-time gross settlement of the payment claims between node and masternode participants in its distributed Blockchain ecosystem.

Nihilo Decentralized Marketplace (NIHL-D-MKTP)

Nihilo Decentralized Global Marketplace Solution comprises of SEO-friendly URLs, meta description, Google rich snippets, canonical URLs, and 301 redirects, automatic sitemap generation. It has multiple levels of admin access where admin can delegate duties to their employees depending on given permissions.The solution provides a detailed and intuitive interface and built-in sales report system.

Reward program for Masternode operators.

Every commision earned by NIHL-D-MKTP (Nihilo Decentralized Marketplace ) will be divided as POS reward program to all Masternode operators based on no of coins locked in Masternode staking.

Business Use Cases & Consumer Benefits

Nihilo Coin - the next generation peer-to-peer online marketplace.

Merchants and consumers may use Nihilo Coin as an efficient omnibus alternative to Alibaba, eBay, Amazon and other major e-commerce platforms. 

Nihilo Coin can be used as unit of account, store of value and virtual means of payment for different Blockchain projects. 

Nihilo Coin can be used for Blockchain projects related to FinTech and Open Banking.


Nihilo Coin full POS algorithm and Masternodes operators give network stability and 51% network attacks protection.


Ticker: NIHL
Block time : 120 sec
Dark Gravity Wave
Private send Implementation


Block reward 10 NIHL
60% masternode reward
40% staking reward
Nihilo Decentralized Marketplace
Reward Program

Block details

Block size: 10MB
Confirms for Mined Blocks: 100
Confirms for transactions: 10


Max supply: 21.000.000
Masternode collateral: 10.000 NIHL

Main Features

Nihilo Coin is efficient and easy to use. Our Research & Development Teams are focused to bring advanced Blockchain technology to the Community and establish a stable and resilient Trustless network for Web 3.0 Infrastructure.


Nihilo is powered by a decentralised Trustless governance framework that provides for security, anonymity and fair mining.

Masternodes Support

Our Research & Development Teams bring Step-by-Step Guidance about setting up Nihilo Coin Masternodes for both Linux and Windows applications.

Instant Private Send

All transactions via Nihilo network are safe and secure. Nihilo Coin is processed in real time, 24/365. Settlements in Nihilo Coin are instant, final and irrevocable.

Masternode reward

60% Block rewards go to Masternodes for hosting the blockchain and processing transactions. Nihilo Masternodes ensure that 51% network attacks are not possible and also provide for Users’ privacy.

Nihilo Marketplace

New age online platform processing payments in less than 1 second. Using advanced decentralized blockchain technology to power up web 3.0 marketplace.


Nihilo network is powered by hundreds of Community Masternodes, located all over the world. The governance of Nihilo Coin is efficiently decentralised and distributed. Anyone can propose or vote on governance proposals.


Nihilo Observatory

Agreement Nihilo Inclusivity


White Paper


White Paper Vol. 2


Media And Publishing Agreement




Nihilo Team


CryptoCon Expo Amsterdam

The 3-day expo in Amsterdam offers a space for traders and cryptocurrencies to come together, meet people from different disciplines, share experiences, develop their understanding of the industry, and most importantly, share and cultivate a wealth of knowledge.

Nihilo Coin signed MoA with Inclusivity Platformn

A complete and evolving banking and financial ecosystem based on Blockchain, “Mobile Money” and other Technologies, an alternative to the traditional banking and financial system. INCLUSIVITY is completely agnostic since it uses all available technologies and creates others that are helpful for financial inclusion.